Many talk about the kingdom, and the lone ghost who walks it. Other talk about its protector, who went missing not very long ago.
And I wander.
I have met the Nailmasters. I have seen the Troupe. But as a move through this place, I see what remains.
What little is there to say now? I have braved the deepest nest, the basin, the coliseum. But the ruin still calls me.
Why? And I wander. I then I came face to face with him. The Lord. He spoke. Asking for me to come home.
I realized then.
I was not the only one.
Not the first to escape the abyss.
I surrendered myself to him. I felt my shell leave.
I saw. Godhome. Hallownest.
All of Them. How long had it been? How far had i gone? I was home. The Shades. The Vessels. There comes a time when all wanderers must come home.
As my memory melds with so many others, i see all of us. Wanderers.
Shades. Vessels. Empty. Fateless. Yet now. We are whoIe. Filled.
No longer do I wander.


Ooh this is interesting

ooo interesting!

It reminds me of how the elves in Tolkien speak of Valinor, and their duty to return there to await the end of all things.