Warframe Addiction

I love Warframe a little too much.

This topic is kind of a tribute to the game. I’ll update it frequently (I promise).

To kick things off, here’s a sketch of my main man Chroma.

I’ve currently got 6 forma into Chroma. He’s pretty much invincible at that stage.

I plan on doing Nidus next.
I’ll definitely be taking some requests, if anyone’s interested.

Hope you all enjoy!


I love this game aswell… I can’t believe that already 4 years have passed since I have discovered it for myself. :frowning:

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Never played it, but the level of detail in the drawing is phenomenal.

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I’ve been on for 2 and a half years. Crazy how far it’s come, huh?

@Stoax Thanks man!

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Woah. I don’t use the Tarrasque helmet, but that looks dope.

Good job, man.

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Well my request would have been Nidus or Volt

but you’ve got the Nidus on lockdown I see :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s actually perfect. Volt, Chroma, and nidus are three of my favorites.

Volt and Nidus are my current favorites. Inaros is pretty high up there too, and I enjoy me a good Nekros run.

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holy crap this is awesome!

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