Warrior of Fire Burtrax

This is the Warrior of fire Burtrax. He is from the fire village Tatora.

He protects the village of Tatora from Rahi and the army of the Makuta Reaper. wile helping the Toa of Fire to learn of his mask power and unlock the true form of his magma hammer.
Burtax wields a sword and sheld weapon and has a blaster on his back that he can fold down and hide behind his back.
His SnS can be combined into a giant Axe, or he can use the shield as a bord and surf on the channels or sea’s of lava that can be found around Tatora or the Island of Torakota.

Burtrax is not really the one who like’s to do battle and prefer to rather just surf around on his magma shield but if needs be is seruis and ready for action at any time. Even though he might prefer to take it easy he always see the time of peace and surfing as training and try to find new way’s to both train the Toa of fire and himself with new trix and move’s to be used in battle.

Burtax normaly only use his shoulder blaster when surfing on his board or if he need to give back up for some one and cant leave where he is, but most of the time he use it only to scare of Rahi and skullspiders.

So this is who Burtax is always ready to take action and always try and come up with new idea’s and move’s wile taking it easy, he is the pride of Tatora and it’s people, and untill the need of the Toa where made clear by there awakening from the help of the great spirite Torakota he would stand tall and follow the elders his village.
still full of pride he now helps the Toa by training them and teaching them about what awaits in the future.


it is OK
but it is just the Protector of Fires Torso with minor alterations

Can I call him Jalla?

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true but it is because of the weapon, I wanted him to have aloot of armor on the front because he use a sword and shield that combine’s into a giant axe and so he would need armor that works to protect him wile he wields the axe and to protect him from the lava wile surfing.

why not, is okay with me.

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thanks, dident think of that though when I made him, but now when you say it he do look kinda like a G1 Matoran.

Thanks, and yeah I like to try to keep my mocs simple with the CCPS build, I do have 5 moc’s known as the last Toa’s for my story arc as well as a moc named Makuta Reaper, the son of Taradax, and his follower the one with out name ( here is a playlist for my older moc’s,) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4FvRGdZx1GgALr6vkQ9QQdNw76JLcrGf

(Oh and if you havent check out my Bionicle Rathalos moc, Rathalos is a wivern monster from the game franzise monster hunter)

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looks nice, kinda like a guard from G1

Very, very simple, but nice. I like his little lava board.