Wärter, A̶̷ssa̶̷ssin of Shadows (WIP)

“We work in the dark to serve the light”
This is Wärter, he is an Assassin, well for now it’s just a WIP, I need help with the arms and legs, also keep in mind that the full moc is going to be painted pitch black

also thanks to @Ghosty for helping me make the hoodie
it was supossed to have a spike in the middle, like a beak, but it dissapeared when I sewed it

why cant I put Assassin on the tittle >:(

and sorry for the quality of the pics[/spoiler]


Ay pretty cool


The reason for this (I think) is that Discourse believes there is a bad word in the title


that makes sense, yeah that’s probably it

The shaping looks cohesive, but the silver of the loincloth stands out a little.

The site is derpy and dislikes the word Assassin, though i’m sure someone else will explain.

Nothing particularly wrong with the photo’s, though might benefit from using a white backdrop when working with primarily black MOC’s as it enables them to stand out more.

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I was thinking abour that, but it was late night and I wasnt able to do that, I will update the pics today

@Stoax that’s going to be painted black

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I think the purple destroy the color scheme.