Wärter (V1) - UPDATED

here we go again
(We work in the dark to serve the light)

before anyone says anything, the legs were made by @Alieraah for her moc Ophedia

and I dont know if I should have made this topic or just edit the other one

this is Wärter, and from now on my self-moc, he is an assassin, I am bad at backstories so there is none
what do you think?
he is not really done yet, I still have to paint some things like the skirt thingy.
he doesnt have any weapons, for now, Im trying to find a way to make the hidden blade and a staff


No, please, it needs the color, personally I'd swap them for red and add a little more, it being completely black aside from the mask would just be so bland, given the complex build.
But if you absolutely insist on them being black, they came in black, just BL them.

That said, from what I can make out it looks really good build-wise.

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If i were you i'd add some more silver to go with those wing parts on his crotch (if you don't have black version of these parts?)

but overall this is really cool

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he is supossed to be wearing an black outfit, so he can hide better in the darkness

well thanks



By that logic you need to make the mask black as well.
I just think it would look better with a highlight.

It could benefit from some color, as you've said with the skirt, but the shaping and design is otherwise very nice.

maybe I could put some kind of red thingy around his waist, like this?


If you swapped the fins for red ones it would look like the black and red variant of ezio's ac:b outfit, which is why I suggested it to begin with.

I dont know...

ignore the crappy photoshop, I think it would look better with a piece of cloth as a belt


Well, as they say, there's no accounting for taste, but I for one rather like how that looks.
Granted you'd probably have to bring a touch of red into the chest to balance the colors, but I think the red adds a much needed highlight to the design.

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The moc has been updated, what do you guys think?

Eh, I still think red fins would look better, the scarf looks kind of too bright, metru red fins would look better imo. Also I'm just not a fan of how it looks.

I tried using the metru red fins, but I just didnt like it, In my opinion this looks way better than that

thanks again!

yo the update is pretty nice
thought i'd like to see how it looks with the red fins

so you also want to see him with the red fins...

alright, Ill show you both
now I have to search for the fins in the box with 1000+ pieces, this is going to be a nightmare
@Ghosty @Payinku

I preffer how it looks with the red thing on the waist rather than this,


I really like how that looks, like a melding of ezio's and Edward's outfits.

when I was building it, I was inspired by Nikolai Overlov's outfit, so....

it doesnt really look anything like it, except for the colorscheme

Aside from the bulk in the shoulders this doesn't really resemble Nikolai's coat, mostly due to the coat tails, the shaping is much closer to the aforementioned outfits, I'm not complaining mind, those are my favorite designs.

I was referring to his appearance in 'the fall' where his outfit does have the bulk in the shoulders, granted it's also white so, moot point I suppose.

The build is nice and it gets the assassin look across pretty well.
And I guess the almost entire black figure doesn't look too nice, even some highlights would help.

do you guys think it would look better if I added more pieces of cloth? one on the arm for example?

I wanted to make him white, but I didnt have the pieces needed for that, I think it would have looked much better