Was in a Bionicle mood today

And I’m constantly surprised and happy to see this fandom and community is still alive in 2019. Here’s to many more years to come.


Welcome to the Community my Friend!

also, these looks great! I really like them!

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Thank you!
Goodness there’s a lot to catch up on haha!

I know, right?

These are fantastic!


Good job!
The arms and torsos seem a bit long, or the legs too short. Other than that, though, these are astoundingly well done, with tons of detail.

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Yeah the little Mctoran here I used for refs don’t have much for legs haha! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll definitely try other styles in the future :^)

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Nice, But Hahli’s hands are a little too long. Good to have another talented drawer around here!

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I forgot to ask, do you have any tips for drawing bionicle?
You’re super good at it, from what I see.

These look amazing! Great work.

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This will sound pretty unoriginal but … practice. Drawing sets multiple times in different styles and poses really helps as pretty much 50% of drawing is observation. Find the basic shapes within the set and gradually fill in the rest with detail once you have an outline of your character.
Sorry this isn’t much, I hope it helps


No, it’s a great deal of help.