Was Krakua talking about the Toa inika?

In Time Trap, the vision of Krakua tells Vakama that he will one day send a team of six Toa to face horrors unimaginable. Consensus on BS01 suggests the Toa are the Toa Inika, but this doesn’t add up, Vakama doesn’t send the Toa Inika on any quest because Jaller and the others decide to go to Voya Nui on their own after the Turaga won’t tell them where the Toa Nuva are. Vakama can’t send the Toa Inika anywhere in the future because Matoro is dead and the rest are now Toa Mahri. I thought that it might be the Toa Nuva instead, which makes more sense because Vakama and the other Turaga directly send them to Voya Nui to retrieve the Mask of Life before the Toa Inika get involved.

On the topic of Krakua, this vision of Krakua was from the future, but we never see Krakua send Vakama any vision during the main story. Does Krakua send Vakama this message from Spherus Magna, then?


It was about the Inika:

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Yes it was.

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Yeah, that whole scene and the linked answer really bother me. Vakama, I would argue, did not fulfill the prophesy through his actions in Island of Doom. Greg says that Vakama not sending out some thugs to bring back Jaller and co. is no different than actively giving them a quest he knows to be near-impossible and one that may well kill them. It isn’t the same. This can be related to the trolley problem; by doing nothing, the train kills five people, and by flipping a switch he kills one. The reason this problem is interesting is because of the weight on one’s conscience in flipping the switch to actively cause harm (in this case, to six matoran for the benefit of the universe). So Vakama’s prophesy was about him flipping the switch for Mata Nui’s good, and his friend Jaller is on the track. In actuality, Vakama doesn’t have to flip the switch—Jaller does it himself from the tracks, with Nokama’s help! Vakama just has to stand by and allow things to play out.
(Not to mention, he actively refuses to give Jaller any information and hence actually obstructs his quest. He has no bearing on Jaller’s decision to dip out.

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Plus, even if we accept Greg’s “doing nothing is an action” explanation, it still makes way more sense for the prophecy to be about the Toa Nuva.

Vakama played a much more active role in sending out the Toa Nuva, and even told Takanuva that he doesn’t think the Toa Nuva will be okay, which lines up pretty well with Krakua’s prophecy.

I’m sure that Krakua’s line was originally intended to be about the Inika when it was written (especially Krakua’s reference to lightning), but the final draft of the 2006 story makes it apply better to the Nuva.

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