Was Metru Nui impacted by the blast to the great spirit robot’s head at all?

It’s probably a silly question, but one I was wondering.

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Quoting from BS01
" Metru Nui was greatly damaged when when a fragment of Aqua Magna collided with Teridax’s head during his battle with Mata Nui. This collision ripped a hole in the ceiling of Metru Nui. The surviving Matoran evacuated the Matoran Universe for the surface of Spherus Magna. Later, Metru Nui, along with all other locations in the Matoran Universe, was dismantled."

Here is the article


Yeah, the city got wrecked pretty hard.

It’s mentioned that a bunch of Onu-Matoran got stuck in the rubble of the Archives as a result of the “earthquake” and “aftershock”.

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