Was the site down for everyone else or just me?

Question, was the site down for maintenance or something? Because I couldn’t get on until just now.
Just want to know becuase if not then that might be a problem for me due to what could’ve caused it and if it was will TTV send an email when they do stuff like this? If so I’ll need to mess with my settings.

It happened to me too.

Oh thank goodness, for a while there I was afraid my school banned TTV from the wifi and school is the main time I can get on to the site.

It’s also happed to both my computer and phone, also this topic is in the wrong sub-board.

Ah crap, which should it be?
Also good! That means this site isn’t banned off the school wifi.

Yeah, the boards were down earlier today; probably for maintenance.

But they’re back up now :smile: