Was Vultraz's Mask Shape Noble Or Great?

So, Vultraz is known to wear a Mask of Scavenging. At least, its powerless version (although there’s a headcanon among my friends that when Icarax replaced his Mask of Scavenging with Kraahkan, he gave his old Mask to Vultraz).

My question is, was Vultraz’s Mask Noble-shaped or Great-shaped?


Since the other Matoran of that year all had noble masks, I think Vultraz would have a noble one too.

That’s what I’ve been thinking, but one of my more stubborn friends keeps stating that “according by all known facts” it isn’t. So I decided to settle this argument once and for all by asking Greg.

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Vultraz’s Mask was originally worn by Icarax, so that has to be the Great version. Why would a Makuta wear a Noble Kanohi?

It was never stated that this is the same mask though?

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Wow, you’re right. All this time I thought Icarax had given Vultraz his Mask because he had discarded it for the Kraahkan. Nothing indicates it’s the same Mask.

I mean, it would be an interesting detail in the plot. But unless mr Farshtey confirms it’s the same mask, my original question still stands.

It kind of made sense to me:

  1. Icarax wears the MoS
  2. Vultraz is Icarax’s sidekick
  3. Icarax discards the MoS and wears the Kraahkan during the Karda Nui arc
  4. Vultraz wears a MoS during the Karda Nui arc

Vultraz’s mask was likely linked to Icarax because 1. It lacked a name and power, 2. Icarax’s former Mask was unknown and 3. Both characters/sets happened to look very red and very evil.
I mean, I would prefer it if it were the way I understood it (which is nothing more headcanon at this point), but I know it’s probably going to be yet another case of “The Matoran just happens to wear a Noble version of his/her Phantoka counterpart”, which is something I’ve always disliked.

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Mazeka’s volitak was great shaped, so it would make sense if his rival’s mask was also great shaped

Arguments for Noble mask:

  • All other 08 Matoran, except Mazeka, wore Noble masks
  • Vultraz wearing Icarax’s discarded mask is just a fan theory, not confirmed.
  • Makuta can use Noble masks.
    Arguments for Great Mask:
  • Mazeka, his rival, wears a Great mask.
  • There is nothing contridicting the theory mentioned above.
  • It’d be stupid for a Makuta, especially Icarax to use a weak Noble mask.
  • According to BS01’s Mask of Scavenging page, Vultraz wears a Great mask. (Note: No source given, however, most likely assumption)
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It’s Great-shaped.


It is settled then. Thank you!

Is it safe to say that it was Icarax’s mask then?

Awesome, that makes it’s moccing potential greater!