Waspix the Rockstar

With his guitar

With the axe

Waspix by himself

The guitar by itself

Sorry about the poor picture quality. C&C welcomed


Excellent. Rahkshi rock/10.


Waspix vs the World.


Haha, thanks

@OraNui yep, indeed

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Really cool, but waspix definitely needs a couple more arms.
After all, they could come in handy for some sick guitar tricks!

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I’ll be sure to add them next time

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I like the guitar and wasps itself is pretty cool
Only the guitar is a bit gappy

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Yeah, I’m trying to find some pieces that will fill it out, but so far nothing

The only thing that would improve this is guitar strings.

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It’s missing two arms. Besides that, it’s pretty dang good.

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Thanks, I agree with you, not sure I have the pieces though.

@darkbrick999 thanks, I’ll try and find a way if I can.

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