Wastelands Pohatu: An Aesthetic Revamp

This really looks awesome c:

Yay! Ghosty like it!
And @LurkingEhlek I get the cluttered look.

Looks gr8 m8!

aw yeah man, the torso still feels a little off to me, but it's fine

So does anyone have any ideas on how to fix the torso? I've got a few critics on it and was wondering ways to fix it.

Pohatu doesn't really look right as a hunchback.

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I really like the way this looks, you did quite a fantastic job. I'd like it better if you kept his asymmetry though. 9/10

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While I do like how it looks better than the retail set the hunched head is messin me up mang. (8/10)


When no one likes your hunch

The neck seems unarmored. Try putting a tire in there.

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Good idea, I'll see if I have one...
taks lack of system disturbs the force

I like the hunch c:

Thanks ghosty c:

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