Watau 4.0 WIP

I have redesigned the torso from the original.

Update 2:

Update 1:


C&C would be appreciated. Thanks.


Maybe you can take those glatorian necks, flip them upwards, and attach the arms to it.

I think those are connected to the armor parts.

Imo the armor looks way to weird (the armor on the side i mean)

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But… Where are the arms? What do they look like?

He probably dosnt have any

@BrokenAxels I fully redesigned the torso to make it custom similar to the original Watau. I hope it doesn’t look as weird anymore.

@Asriel I need help with the arms now :stuck_out_tongue:

The Uniter Lewa mask will eventually be switched out to a 3D printed Gen 2 Vahi

I have now made custom thighs and the lower legs will become custom.