Water Guard

I said I was going to mess with @LoganMcOwen 's earth girl’s build, and this is what happened.

Thank you for viewing.


While simple it still looks very nice.


…yeah not really feeling this one. IMO the original build was much better.

The way the chest piece is now, it looks really awkwardly far pushed out, and the legs and lower arms are entirely too long for using a regular Protector torso.

That being said, it’s still a Protector build. Which means it at least looks decent, because the Protector build is pretty hard to screw up.


I like it!

My thoughts exactly.

Have you tried using @LoganMcOwen’s design for attaching the mask to the chest?
I think it will make that look better

I agree with previous gripes. The chest is basically the entire torso and it looks really weird, and the length of the arms and legs really exentuates that.

But there’s definitely something here, I see potential in this MOC for sure. It’s not bad in any way, just a little awkward.

Love the colour usage, especially using the orange to match with Uniter Gali’s scheme. The skull mask on the shoulder is a nice touch, as well.
Great work!

this is a really great Moc, I love it!

also, this kind of inspired me to make Choroko (so that’s nice)