Water Pressure (Gali Short Film!)

Gali’s been feeling kind of down lately. I hope she’ll be ok!


beautiful, no more words needed

you just won a sub, and deserve many more


This is fantastic. I love it. The style and story both are so enjoyable to watch, I truly hope you continue to make more and more of these.


These are amazing! Even excluding the perfect MNOG visual replication, the dialogue and characters youve created make this truly great.

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My god you’ve done it again! This easily my favorite one thus far. I just love everything about it. The animation is top notch as usual, but its the dialogue that really gets me here. Its just amazing. I can’t wait for the next one.


Having Matoran talking underwater bothers me.
Otherwise, though, it’s great. I like how you included the whole “joke Gali” aspect that both you and G2 made reference too.



This is awesome! Next you should do one with Pohatu or Kopaka (or both). Pohatu’s fine lol.

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hmmm. great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ. So I guess we’re both one of those :sweat_smile:


You never cease to amaze, @Pereki! This is well-written, gorgeously animated, and perfectly characterized. I love how you fleshed out the characters in Ga-Koro in the simplest of ways, by making each one have a unique feature, such as Kai’s weathered, pirate-like character. Macku and Kotu also have a really interesting relationship here, and I like how you expanded Kotu’s character by making her a jokester. On that note, incorporating Gali’s G2 characteristic of being a bad joker really added to her character as well. Her self-doubt and depression were also well-handled, and I like how you used the darker music in her moments of fear–I almost visualized it as Makuta subtly manipulating her emotions.

The length of this piece is probably the most impressive aspect of it, as it is on par with many standard TV episodes in terms of length. I think this would have been a perfect episode in a G1 TV series, and I really hope you continue to apply your considerable talents to making more of these in the future. Amazing work, once again!


I really hope you don’t quit after making short films for all 6 Toa. I really want some Vahki short films haha. I’m such a fiend for 2004.

This, this is just great. I love how adorable Kotu and Maku are, they make a fantastic duo. My favorite part is all of Gali’s jokes. I pretty much reacted the same way Kotu did every time.

Lol I know love isn’t canon, but that didn’t stop MNOG. Do you plan at all on elaborating on the whole Maku-Huki thing? (I saw you hinted at it in the video :stuck_out_tongue:)

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“Its not a big deal.”
“Its a big deal.”


I think there’s a ship to be made here that’s better then Huki x Macku.


Heh, I find this strange to think about because in my old comics, Kotu was Loganto’s ex-girlfriend. Not that it matters at all.

I find this comment to be good.

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Now I see why Farshtey did it. To avoid shipping lol
Because that’s literally all that happens anywhere else. Any other fandom, it doesn’t matter, but Greg decanonized love, so people can’t ship.

Huki x Maku 4evr you’ll nevr t8k me aleyev honestly what am I doing with my life


I love this so much!!! The animation, sound design, humor, and dialogue is all so good. Be careful of how you treat the rest of the Toa characters though because with Gali it got a little too close to tarnishing her character with over-emotionalism.

Very cool! It really gives me a Steven Universe sensation! It should be cannon!

I love it!

Very nice job with this! It does an excellent job of showing some of Gali’s internal struggles with being suddenly handed the job of saving this island and all the inhabitants upon it. Also, the small bits of character for each Ga-Matoran/Tohunga are nice; keeping the shortness of words with Marka and the salty sailor-esque dialogue for Kai (I like how you made her right eye a bit darker and cracked, so she looks a bit crazy; still knows her storms tho. And Takea sharks).

Overall, excellent job, and I look forward to seeing what you have planned next!

There’s still potential character development for Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu. Personally, I’d like to see Kopaka and Pohatu sharing an episode, or at least have a small scene where they interact. One between Lewa and Onua would be interesting too (Onua: “I have to help you with everything don’t I”)

@LTVmocs no Maku x Kotu for you