WaterGafna's Cartography (Requests Open)

I have been making Bionicle-related maps for some time now, and I decided to share some of them. I will add more in future. I will also sometimes do requests.

Currently requests are open. If you want me to make a pixelart map for your Bionicle setting, I can either draw from description, or attempt to redraw an existing map.

I did not have that much story for this one. This island contains usual elemental Wahi, in addition to a sacred Kini-Wahi, situated between Ta-Wahi and Onu-Wahi. Also of note is double volcano.

This was attempt to experiment with elements. If I remember correctly, this island was clockwise Ta-Wahi, Le-Wahi, Ga-Wahi, Bo-Wahi, Kini Wahi, Onu-Wahi, and Fe-Wahi. In middle of the island is a volcanic chain, possibly enterance to an underworld.

Previous two were made way before this one. This is Haona Ri, or at least a version of it, because it is possible that I will make a new version. Haona Ri is the setting of my upcoming story. When Matoran arrived here, it was a paradise, but that is no longer the case…


these maps look pretty cool! Nice work. :wink:

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This is for @DuneToa

This map is based on my dream where Mata Nui was lying upon a giant planet, the same dream I talked about in the dream topic. I can distinctly remember that the dream map was sepia in color, but I forgot the exact geography, so I had to make most things up. Map in the dream was sepia only, but since I wanted to add some color to this, I added the red stain into the sea. There was lot of lore in the dream, but I cannot remember any of it, so I made up new lore.

Some notes on map and lore

  • The map depicts a titanic planet on which Mata Nui crash-landed, likely distinct from Spherus Magna. In the dream, the planet was Spherus Magna if I recall correctly, but I decided that a different planet fits better.
  • Water flows to the sea/lake from the north, and flows out to the south. Smaller rivers also flow into the lake. Despite the planet’s enormous size, gravity is normal, or at least close to normal, to allow habitability.
  • Lightest shade of beige is water. Second lightest depicts submerged Great Spirit Robot. Second darkest shade of beige is land, while darkest shade are mountains. Color red depicts the Great Red Stain. The map does not represent colors, except for the stain, which is actually (some shade of) red.
  • Natural lands of the planet are more wild and less hospitable than the islands that lie upon GSR. These original lands are almost unexplored, seen as the edge of the known world by those that know of them.
  • The red stain in the sea is caused by Red Star. The star fell with GSR either due to a malfunction or due to the planet’s anomalous gravity, its presence on the seafloor staining nearby water red. Red Star also causes local wildlife to mutate. Its insides are flooded because the star got damaged during the fall, but the dead have fortunately survived, mutated into water-breathers by the waters of the Stain.
  • Many of the transformed dead have managed to flee the star and its mutated Kestora guardians, building strange societies inside the great red stain. They are unable to leave the Stain, as their changed forms require water contaminated by Red Star to function properly.
  • The planet is possibly hollow and artificial.

Ok, that’s a cool map! And your lore is fantastic!


Think you could do Okoto and Voya Nui before Mahri Nui broke off and sank?