Weapon request topic [closed]

Here you can request me to make weapons mainly out of technic and ccbs


A crossbow would be interesting.

Coming right up!

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Think you could construct a full size Keyblade? You pick it.

A functional chainsaw (hand crank?) would be pretty sweet, in my opinion. If you could make such a thing work.

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@LTVmocs due to my current lack of technic peices and that I don’t really have any string or anything I will have to put your crossbow on hold. I am very sorry. @BlackBeltGamer98 I’ll try to get right to that keyblade. And @CirkitPurple ok but I can’t promise you it will Be functioning

Would you please make a battle axe?

Sure but I’m pretty backed up with all these requests so t might take a bit

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The mini wrist-mounted crossbow/hidden blade from Assassin’s Creed.

I’ll do it but as I said earlier I have about 5 requests so this might take a while

Thanks man, hope you have fun with these projects of yours.

A shotgun, or a bazooka.

I’d personally love to see a glove or gauntlet-type weapon that fits into/over a moc’s arm/hand.

take your time, no rush.

For all those who are waiting I am very sorry to say that here will be about a week delay because I just got very sick and I am filling up buckets with barf

Well. You might need a doctor

Perhaps a halberd?

I really hope this wasn’t in the context of the last two posts

Could you make a cross between a peg leg and a cannon?

I’m getting really caught up with requests so I’ll try

You can close them if you are getting swamped

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