Wearable Golden Skull Spider Mask!

Hey everybody I found this while searching on Google Images, So without Further ado here it is: Wearable Skull Spider Mask

Discuss away! ;D


Whoa! This thing is super detailed! I might actually buy this if I can get the money in time...

149.99 dollars.
That's a lot of money.


First of all, that's rather amazing. I wonder how it was made...

Secondly, what @RECspiriah just said.

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@Eljay you have some competition


Here's some more info.

Evidently, it can somehow connect to Bionicle parts?

It should have a function where if you hit the back of your head, the mask pops off so it can be really set accurate. stuck_out_tongue

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Darn it! Now I want a wearable Hau!

I'm pretty sure if you hit your head hard enough it'll come off


This is impressive, especially because of the legs being on the mask that can be positioned to look like the mask is an actual Skull Spider.

Actually that may not be life size in G1 toa were 8 ft tall. In G2 we don't know yet but its still a possibility.

I get the feeling you could probably make your own for the price that the bidding is currently at... though with that said it is tempting me to get it. If it wasn't for some issues with the craftsmanship (some of the pointed bits are at different heights) and the price being so high I'd probably end up getting it.

That childish smiley face can never be unseen :wink:

Edit; just seen the seller has no feedback... mmh...

Tempted to get it now, just for an Eljay parody xD


You can wear the regular mask by putting the clip in the bridge of your nose then sliding it down.



Holy beans this is cool!

Oh look! this person isn't even too far from where I am!

Ok its more like a 5 hour drive.. but still!

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I noticed this post and I'd like to say thanks for the good feedback. I've updated the webpage to include some answers to your questions, like what's it made out of. Thanks for your interest, http://mcrobocreations.wix.com/forsale#!bionicle-skull-spider-mask/c13jk for some new updates.


wait you're selling it?

Oh dear, I meant to show off the mask my husband made. Not get us in trouble.


no no, it's fine. Just asking if you were the one selling it. All's alright but if you're planning on advertising it here I think there's a sub-category in community where you can sell things

Oh! I was reading the site FAQ (which I should have done before posting!) I am the co-owner of mcrobo creations, I'm Carrie, and I'm in charge of Darrin's website. I found a thread about interest in his hand-made mask, and was so pleased about the interest (he worked so hard making this)! I will gladly post in the sale community, I'm glad to be a new member here.