Website Back Up

With the announce of Bionicle, I returned to one of my old habits to visit; but i made a typo and found the origional website from way back in 2001! by typing i was transported to the time before time.. I went on this website often as a child.. I just wandted to share it with you all


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theee.....
Is this...
The past?
The hype train.
Someone must've had a conduit with the capacity to hold 1.21 jiggawats of power. Somehow, that conduit reacted with my aviators, and the hype the hype train was generating launched us into the past.
This is clearly the only explanation.


The error screen clearly points to Sphearus Magna. This probably isn't related to the recent reveal.

Nice find, but a lot of the pages and images seem to be removed. Good to know that some of it still remains.

yea, most of the links are broken.. it was just a nostolgic find

Dude this is awesome! Incredible find!

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I can't believe it's in the 2001 website

woah. this is awesome