Weird Monster I Didn't Submit For A Contest

So there was a contest a few months ago, and I never bothered to post it. I was too shy to enter a contest, and didn’t have much confidence in my building ability, and rightly so.

It is a cluttered mess.

Butcher it with critique, please.

No scores though, won’t help. That. Much.


nah man! It’s a fine beast!

I agree that it is cluttered, but I like where you were going. Maybe could work a bit on the frame of the monster.


I’m giving myself too much of a hard time…

seriously man this’ alright! Better then what I could’ve made

I think

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I had completely forgotten to mention, I kind of… Disassembled it a few months ago too. Though Ill take your critique for when I make another mount.

I will agree with you about it being cluttered, but it doesn’t look that bad. a 6/8 in my book. :wink:


Nuuuu not scores!

commits soduko

Thanks for your opinion in anyways.

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The pictures aren’t really showing me much about it, so I don’t know what to say about it.

Fair enough, though I can’t really take any more photos of it. Since it’s broken apart.

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Just test out with a base that you can add details to later, next time. Having some sort of frame can be very useful.

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Looks pretty sweet!

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Looks like a pretty cool beast, cant comment too much on the body as can only see the top view. Though it looks alright to me.

You should never not enter a contest due to doubts about your abilities though, even if you don’t win its still worth entering.

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This is not a weird monster. This is an amazing monster!