Weird TV Shows

You guys have brought back some memories I tried very hard to forget.

So I had the 'Japanese channel' (NHK) on, and this show with deranged looking puppets came on.

It's called Japangle. Apparently it's supposed to inform people about Japan, or something like that. It's definitely an acquired taste.


Ive got a something really weird here from Nick at Night:

And look at that even the president was in the show

All in all its a weird stop motion show that I saw at weekend nights after Nick ended its programs for the day.


This thing:

Very strange anime. Follows this twelve year old kid that gets hit in the head with a guitar buy this ninenteen year old girl claiming to be an alien, and then a robot pops out of his head. Watched a bit of it, thought it was too weird for my tastes. Surprisingly though, it was kind of entertaining and charming in its own way, and I reference it every now and then.

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Basically anything that has aired on Adult Swim can go here.



Except for Teletubbies this is probably the only show on here I've ever seen (rather passively fortunately, since it only ran in the background while I was playing Pokemon at a friend's house). I mean, I remember it was weird, and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't have shown the episode mentioned in that video in my country, but this video... I wanted to post the weirdest cartoon I've ever seen - because it's absolutely pointless, stupid, uses lots of jokes that no kid gets, and is just stupid and pointless, but it totally PALES in comparison to this abomination.

Nah, well have the XDuckx intro (I think that show only has a french and a german version) - it basically says all about the show you need to know (it just doesn't show you the full extend of the abysmal character design)

Any kid's show nowadays is a weird show.

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Weird tv shows you say, hmmmmmm well... gumball,
Flapjack, adventure time, we bare bares,Steven universe, flcl, and regular show.
And I love all of these. What can I say I have weird taste

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I have no idea why I suddenly remembered this:

Even worse, though, from what I remember I at least found it decent back then...

I love Farscape.

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Anyone heard of Pop Team Epic?

well here’s my thoughts on most of these weird show.

Amazing World of Gumball. it’s Amazing! (Pun Intended) it’s just a great Show

Nanalan. so many great meme worthy Moments

Courage the Cowardly Dog. good show, good times, bad Nightmares form it

Superhero Squad… I think I forgot that show

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo. 1st. the Hack 2nd. the art style and the anime look kind of reminds me of the Kirby anime

Glenn Martin,DDS. I remember!.. I saw someone got eaten alive by Piranhas in one Episode

and yeah, that’s all I have to say on some of these

The monkees. Wierd, yet oddly entertaining. While I don’t thin the Monkees themselves were on anything, I’m pretty sure the screen writers were smoking something.