Welcome to the World ~ A reluctant poem by Bio

So, I just spent two hours writing this poem for school. I thought to myself, "What a waste of mediocre literature, I should post this on the boards." So here I am, at 1:00, posting a kinda depressing poem for your enjoyment. Please leave critique (Aside from grammar and spelling errors pretty plz) down in the below section thing.

Welcome to the World

Alright, I’m going to need your signature here, here and here.
Excellent! Welcome to the world.

Welcome to the world, where everything’s new and you’re always tired
Here you’ll be treated with love and care, to be given all you desire
Warm milk and a soft bed, what more could you ask for?
Why, of course, toys galore.

Welcome to the world where it’s all about you
making funny sounds and pretending to chew
you meet new people everyday
but your mommy and daddy are here to stay.

You take your first steps
say your first words
in fact, that thing you just ate was your first worm.

Welcome to the world, it’s much bigger than you thought
everyday your mom drives you to preschool and drops you off
you don’t understand, where does she go?
but hey look! There’s new people to get to know.

Jimmy likes bugs
Sarah likes flowers
you like to draw dogs with superpowers

Welcome to the world, now the fun begins
practicing math and words in kindergarten
learning science and history through elementary

You make lots of friends, some are even your best
your best of friends, best friends,
having fun on the playground when-
Oh no! You slipped and fell!

You forget what happened next,
although your mom is pretty sure you bumped your head.

This is not the last hurt you will experience, in fact, this is barely the beginning.
Bruises, cuts, scrapes and scars await you
in the hopes that one day you will learn what, and what not to do.

Welcome to the world, where the kids are no longer nice
they bump and shove around, like middle school mice
your group of friends, it got a lot lot smaller
everyone around you grew a lot lot taller.

The classes are harder, the days are longer
you find yourself staring at that girl across the room
Should you talk to her? You hardly know her name.

You ask your friends what they think
They accuse you of having a crush.

How dare they! You? A crush? Never.

Welcome to the world, where you learn you know nothing
what you thought you knew was an oversimplification, quite disgusting.
You find yourself seated next to that girl you eyed
She introduced herself, and you could barely say the word “Hi.”

She is beautiful, with her straight brown hair and thick-rimmed glasses
you start to meet up with her in the hallways between classes

you talk and laugh together all the time
maybe… having a crush was totally fine?
You tell your mom and dad who both look so proud
“Our little baby is really growing up” they say aloud

You take her to the movies, to the zoo and the park
one time she made you laugh so hard you felt your ribs falling apart

Welcome to the world, it’s starting to get smaller
you learn your cities roads and streets as a driver
a trip what used to take hours now only takes 5 minutes
even when clearly obeying speed limits

You and her can now go wherever you please
so long as you're back by midnight

She makes you laugh so hard
your best of friends, your girlfriend
Driving through a green light when-

You forget what happens next.
You wake up in a white room, white-r curtains drawn around you.

Every bone aches, your throat is sore,
Your right arm is broken, and soon, so will much more.

Somebody in a white coat comes in and asks you a few questions
you’re dizzy and cold, but answer them with truth
Then your mom and dad come in, tears already stain their cheeks
You ask them what happened: your big mistake.

Welcome to the world, where heartbreak is no longer myth
You sit in silence waiting for something
something missing
never whole

One question rattles your head: Why?
“Why did it happen to be her?” you cry
It wasn’t your fault, your parents try to explain
It was the alcohol in the man who hit you, they say in vain.

You don’t know what to do
these school hallways feel empty without her around you
plenty of friends to talk to
plenty who want to talk
plenty to listen to
but what happened to the plenty who listen to you?

Welcome to the world, where life is never fair
Life doesn’t truly care
Life has no say in what you do
Life only gives you something to react to

That’s where you are now, in the reaction
reacting with a fraction of the action you once did
This inaction is an infraction upon the contract you so readily signed
But didn’t you read the fine print?

You entered the lottery of tragedy, your name was drawn
It’s out of our hands now, your choice to make.

So? What will you do?




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Wow, that ending...

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Yeah, I was already scared to learn how to drive. Now I am even more so.

Excellent poem though.


I have to drive a car today for the first time... darn you Bioraiders.

I don't know which is worse, the fact that I didn't expect the ending, or the fact that I wasn't affected by it at all... I'm gonna go rethink my life now.


Holy heck, that...makes me glad I ride a bike...

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I love how the only reason I did that was because I was bored and felt it was too happy. Now everyone hates driving that much more. I'm scared to death of that situation actually happening, so why not write about it?

What's more, ya'll are focusing far too much on that. =P I coulda killed her off any way, this seemed easiest.


To be honest, it makes me more scared of relationships and heartbreak than driving.


adds this to already long list of reasons to hate driving


And here I was choosing to listen to slightly depressing music when I read this

It's pretty good.


This poem is killing meh. ;-;

Whelp, I think I may have to stay home sick, I seem to have caught the feels.


Yeah. Now I'm gonna be paranoid that when I finally get a girlfriend (me getting a girlfriend? HA!) this is going to happen.


Even though it was kinda spoiled for me by all the comments, the ending still felt like getting hit on the head by a rouge barbell.

Good job.

Considering I just finished a book with sudden twists seemingly every other page, I somehow saw the ending coming.

good poem, it didn't always rhyme, but that was fine... uh, slant rhyme not intended.


So uh

I have to drive for the first time in a few months


At any rate, a nice poem. I would hope to see more but I NEED YOU TO STOP BEING PERFECT DARNIT