Were the inhabitants if the MU AI or did they have souls?

What I mean by this is: did the different inhabitants of the Matoran Universe (Matoran, Toa, Rahi, Skakdi, Vortixx et cetera, and even Mata Nui himself) had souls, or were they mere artificial, machine intelligence?
Okay, they were sure artificial, since the Great Beings made them artificially, but did they programmed them to have machine minds, coded with 1 and 0, or did they managed, in their vast knowledge and science, a proper soul, a mind, even a brain, something that equals the mind of the natural living beings?

Yeah, but what about when Velika gave them free will?

It all leads to definitions/theory of soul, ai…
Lets think having soul is having both free will and emotions, so then it is not related to being artificial or natural, organic or machine or organic+machine(also it would be not bad to give definitions to emotions, free will…). Both natural and artificial beings of storyline have these traits. But about inhabitants of MU before velikas interruption…

Lets get back to the point.(:smile:) Ok I think they were soulless but what about being sapient like human right after their creation? “After some years of posing as a Matoran, Velika elevated the artificial intelligence of the Matoran Universe’s inhabitants to a level of true sapience, allowing them to develop intricate languages and cultures, but also to harbor evil and destructive thoughts, in some cases.” GBs still managed - Velika managed.

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The MU inhabitants were AI, but Greg suggested during his interview with Eljay that they could have souls/spirits:

(Go to 1:33:57 if the link doesn’t take you there automatically)