Were the Toa Metru based on Teenagers?

After rewatching Legends of Metru Nui, I discovered something interesting. The Toa Metru's personalities correspond to common teenage stereotypes, and many of their masks reflect that. Here's the list I've compiled.
Nokama: Nerdy girl. Her Mask's eyes could represent glasses.
Matau: Hotshot speed demon. hits on the nerdy girl. the long swept back mask could represent slicked back hair.
Whenua: History buff. Not sure if his mask ties into that or not.
Onewa: Bully. His Mask's one eyehole is reminiscent of sunglasses
Nuju: Genius. his telescopic eye is like a lab microscope
Vakama: Guy who's unsure of his place in the world. kinda depressed. His Mask has a mustache at the bottom.

So, what do you think? Am I seeing patterns that aren't there? Or have I uncovered a secret that has lain hidden for a decade?


This makes the topic.

I've noticed it before. It seems a bit odd, but fitting.


Yeah, that actually makes complete sense. Never thought of it that way, good observation. ~Pyrox


The mask powers also sort of reflect this. Vakama feels like he doesn't belong, and can turn invisible. "Nerdy" Nokama can read any language.


Yeah, I've wondered that myself. It's pretty cool to see the correlations, even if they aren't really there.

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Onewa can mind control. that kinda seems like bullying.


Whenua's mask lets him see in the dark, or "history." Onewa's mask lets him control other people just like a bully would. Matau is you jokester, who imitates other people, just like his mask of Illusions, and Nuju can use his little telescope to see stuff other people can't.


Interesting, I never really thought about it like that.


Wow. Never thought of this. Cool thought.

I don't think that they based them off of teens, but come to think of it it does fit in.

I've always thought the toa metru were more -excuse the term- "human" than the nuva, or even the inika/mahri. They had realer struggles, more difficult dynamics and more strenuous inner turmoil.


you've blown my mind man


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Well. My self MOC has a mustache (white Huna Metru). I guess that isn't TOO bad.

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Mind. Double blown.

Actually, Whenua's mask lights up in the dark…meaning that he's…





- Reference to something.

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

But seriously, that's snicker punny...

I think they really reminded me of a team of superheroes, honestly. Even the LoMN models of them look like power rangers.

Actually, if you think about, each year the Toa team seemed a bit older than the last. The Toa Mata were young and inexperienced, the Metru where, as you said, teenagers, the Mahri were young adults, and the Mistika/Phantoka were adults. This also corresponds with the size of the sets, how they grew as time went on.


What an interesting idea.


And then we have the Stars...old men perhaps?

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I wasn't considering anything Glatorian or later, just Toa teams.