Western Woods



My goodness this is amazing! So many bright colors, and such a cool landscape build! Also that Elves tiger as a pet for Skylor is a nice touch. Fantastic Job! How did you even make that round base?

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Soooo colorful, sooo wonderful!!!

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{picks jaw up off floor}

Okay, This is amazing. It takes some real skill to make something like this. The color scheme matches perfectly, and the trees are just amazing.

Best thing I’ve seen in a long time!



Essentially it’s a bunch of 2 stud wide segments connected but 1x2 plates and bent well beyond the point of being legal. Connect it firmly to a frame inside and it’s very stable but it’s under quite a bit of stress.


This is just fantastic work. I love the colors, and the circular border. Well done.

You never cease to impress. I love the colors here - the orange-y yellow contrasts nicely withe the blue, purple, and pink, and it’s fun how the base is the same color as Skylar. And of course there’s that amazing quality of detail; I can only be impressed.


The colours look great and the circular border is awesome.

this looks amazing

is the yellow supposed to be leaves or lava :sweat_smile:

Looks gorgeous either way.

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