Whaddon Kureigu V5 (WIP)

before you critique
please keep in mind that the MOC is right now is a WIP
specific parts of this MOC are bound to change
anyway lets get on with the MOC

Whaddon Kureigu

I do not have a set in stone lore right now resetting the world like I have [Made In Heaven]
But he is somewhat like a Mercenary who specialises in odd jobs, quests, bounty hunting and bodyguard duty (think Guilds or Rescue Teams from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

before we get into the classic photos, let us look at his tools of the trade so to say

first there is “South Side of the Sky” a single edged sword which dances with the wind

and his second weapon is “Erureido” which is basically a tonfa-sword. It makes great tool to “turn the tides of battle into your favour with”

now let us move onto the good old front

and back

and there we go

also a shot of Whaddon without the cape

the main reason the cape is there is because…,

the back is horrible (and it shall be the main thing that is subjected to change)
I just need some ideas of how to make it look better without making the cape protrude too far backwards

anyway I shall show you the classic weapon of Whaddon (which is still WIP)
"The Titans Knife Re’Birth"

I am deciding to make Re’Birth more of a last resort for Whaddon as well

and yes the middle of the blade shall be filled in

and that is all for Whaddon right now
(and I know I need to get a photo shooting area set up)


His shins are very sexy…


There’s a bit of a texture clash between the chest and the stomach, also the CCBS and the bits of g1 parts, theres also like 4 shades of gray on him.

Light grey, dark grey, dark bluish grey, pearl dark grey, pearl light grey, and flat silver?

This looks very flat and messy, colorscheme-wise.

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Pretty dank
thought that big spike-necklace thing is kinda weird

at least theres not 50 shades of gray on him.
Sorry I’ll leave now