Whaddon Rework (first Rework of the Year)

I reworked my Self-Moc
and it has a very strange concept
I wanted to make One Punch Man but I did not have enough parts. Which became a new Mikara Moc which was going to be Half Jotaro Kujo and Half Satima. then I wanted to make Whaddon again … BUT I wanted him to be so overpowered that nearly a threat to Lunarria with one sweep of Rebirth this all happened because of this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QImBolnTVH8
and thus he also as another aliases


he is on my new Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Rulebook



Changes and Alterations
Has a Battle Skirt now

Weapon Storage

Torso Design

Rebirth is Symmetrical and Better done

New upper legs

Shoulder armour

And better back armour on the arms


ONE SLASH TOA!!! lol But I really like this! Good Job!

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thank you

I think he could use a chestpiece or something, but it looks good. :smile:

That is one big sword.

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I Tried to add a Chest-piece but I do not have any thing that I could use as the plate

any Ideas?

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I’m not sure about the way that the legs are connected, but the rest looks fine! Could do with a couple more pictures though

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Hmm, yeah, much better. Could do with some more armoring, but it’s relatively good as it is.

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I’m interested to know if the sword? on his back can be used as a handheld weapon. Nice concept, nice MOC (The torso looks very technical, and the open axles look awkward, but that’s all), love the gray Hau.

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Rebirth can be used I hand

also dont worry about the demonic santa in the backgorund

not bad. He needs a little more green