What are good ways to build with 2008-2010 Bionicle joints?

I apologize in advance if there is a topic like this. I already looked but could have overlooked something.

Do any of you know good methods to build with 2008-2010 parts without them breaking?

I recently purchased Gavla, Kirop, and Chirox on Bricklink. I’d like to build them without breaking many (or any) pieces.

Any advice is much appreciated!


Build it right the first time, and don’t rebuild or moc with the pieces. (Don’t eat the pieces, either)


Well, I never plan to MOC with those joints.

I just mean methods of how to assemble them.

And no, I don’t plan on eating the pieces :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t believe in having a piece and not at leased trying to MOC with it. When and if you do, try to put them in positions where they won’t move much.

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well I hace never broken a piece,

except that time I stepped on Takanuva, but I think it hurt me more than him

I just connect and disconnect the joints


There is no sure method. I tend to lightly grasp the socket when I attach them, but there is no guarantee they won’t break in your hand.

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I used two Av-toran 90 degree limbs for my self-Moc’s shoulder, pushing a 6long axle throught the joint holes (you know, the hole where you can put stuff through).


I tend to use the weaker joints for wrists, arms, and other parts of a MOC that don’t have a hold a large amount of weight.

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