What are the colors of Sonics and Magnetism?

I looked up the biosector01 website and saw the colors for those elements have been updated. I don’t understand the reasoning for not having canon colors when there are two canon characters with LEGO approved models. They’re not official sets but shouldn’t they be good enough?


Not for determining the full official colour schemes, no; those models (and the characters they depict) can certainly give us an idea of some of the options of the colour schemes, but it’s entirely possible that the full colour schemes of those Elements could include colours not used on those characters.

There’s also the possibility, however remote, that Jovan and/or Krakua are outliers amongst their Elements in terms of colour. At the end of the day, “1” isn’t a great sample size.


Or that the colour schemes of the models aren’t even canon! (which would be… stupid but… ye. The masks already are not) But yes, the models themselves aren’t enough, and that has generally been Greg’s response as well (even though he could have just said yes…)

In Krakua’s case, I would personally think the BSS canonization is enough. But so far, haven’t seen any such thing for Magnetism.


It’s reasonable to me that he wouldn’t; I can understand that Greg wouldn’t want to restrict the colour scheme of an entire Element to the colours of a single character.

Interesting; I haven’t seen that before. It sucks that the original BZPower post is lost, but that’s the case for a lot of sources.

Unless there’s any reason to challenge the veracity of that page, I agree that that should be enough to officially canonize the Sonics colour scheme as gray/black.


Kinda interesting to note that the winning color scheme ended up the same as the model. Gotta wonder what the other options were considered in that contest. Also, am I to assume every combiner’s color scheme is not canon, going by that logic?


What do you mean by “winning” colour scheme? That German post makes no reference to a winner; they asked if Krakua’s colours could be the sole official colours, and Greg said yes.

No. Any aspect of any model is canon unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Whoops. Totally misread it somehow.