What Are The Most Overused Bio-MOC Designs?

I was a nuva-bobo user, but on my largest female MOC I used a HF cocoon piece for the breasts, looks good IMHO. Also, rahkshi heads. I am getting tired of my own rahkshi headed MOCs but I can't seem to figure out a design that fits these MOCs. Long bios I like, but unnecessary long is just bad.


Those also get on my nerves. I prefer COLOR with my mocs and mask variety.

I have a problem with them UNLESS they are done right.


Then how do you interpret an Inika Build "done right"?

I never saw it as a slug, even though the canon says its so, I always saw the rahkshi head as a reptile.


I have a friend, who made a decent Inika-build MOC, he is a modder, here is his creation: http://toafeliax.deviantart.com/art/Andregos-Lupus-update-2-574944434


Excessive greebles are something of which I am not a fan. In moderation, they add nice texture to MOCs, but often it just looks like people slap on tiny system pieces for no reason. Exclusively CCBS builds seem lackluster. Personally, I don't like the inika build, either. It just looks lanky and lazy. I understand people might not have many parts, but even so, I feel like building a MOC with the inika build is very unoriginal. We have been doing that for the past decade, after all. I don't really like it when people make characters that are overpowered. Giving your character awesome powers is great, but put a limit on it or give the character a weakness. (Unless, of course, they are supposed to be some kind of deity. That is a little different.) Finally, extremely edgy characters seem silly to me. Weapons are the only things that really need edges.


My Matoran-type Self-MOC uses a shrunk-down of the Inika torso, and I quite like the look of the little guy :smile:

I especially hate those who slap system 1x1 studs on every single open technic hole available


If they're just an inika torso with the inika torso armor and just a few things slapped on, I find it lazy. I feel more customary details should be implemented.

Just to play devil's advocate: if one is aiming for a 'filled-out' look on a MOC, then there are rather few ways to eliminate open technic holes (which can create the impression of the MOC being made of Swiss cheese) without compromising the shape of the creation. Studs seem to be - so far as I can tell - the easiest, most accessible and possibly best solution in such a situation. They're also really useful for adding smaller color details to larger, blander pieces (such as huge black or grey technic beams).

But yeah, excessive studs can be a little overwhelming. A MOC can look good without every single hole being filled in with a little grey greeble.


Cough cough Ketros. 😜

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From my rather critical standpoint.

That doesn't do much to dissuade my opinions.

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I hate it when someone tries to make a moc look edgy by giving it a large gun. Sometimes it works but most of the time it's not necessary.


Or are they just happy to see someone?

Aside from that, do you consider it overused if the character design is based on a gun, such as a modern soldier build?


Sure it's overused but if it fits the theme then why not. It's not uncommon to see these bright colorful Toa mocs that wield guns when they'd look much better with more creative weapons instead. Imagine if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all fought crime with guns instead of their ninja weapons. Yeah it's more practical but less fun.


i am getting really sick of cloth hoods. its not that they dont look cool, it`s just that every single person on instagram seems to use it.


I can understand that.

I'm actually guilty of having done this before. But that was long ago..


We are all but guilty making this design mistake...

You know what's underused? Hordika masks.