What are the references to clasical literature in the Bionicle-stories?

What are the references to classical literature in the Bionicle-stories?
Note: The storyguide states that the Bionicle-story was inspired by Homer´s the Illiad och Oddysseus. I would like those references to be exemplified and elaborated. One reference that I have recognized is that TakaNuva goes into Makuta´s lair the same way as Odysseus´s goes into the Hade´s underworld. What I am wondering is whether there are any more references that are present.
Note: I include the Bible in the term “clasical literature”. One example is that TakaNuva goes into Makuta´s lair, fuses with Makuta and then goes out from the lair and then presents a new path with shining light in the storyline “Mash of light”. That is paralleled with Jesus Christ´s victory of the devil during the resurrection where he went into hell and then opened the heaven. The very notion that light has to win over the darkness is in itself rooted in the Bible. What I would like it to be elaborated is whether you had in mind the Bible and the resurrection when writing that storyline, and whether there are any other instances that has been inspired by the Bible.
Note: Another example that I have noticed is the motif of a brother-fighting-another-brother through jealousy, which can be traced back (in the western tradition) to the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible.


I’ve always thought that the travel of Pohatu and Kopaka on the Red Star is very similar to the descent of Dante and Vergil trough hell.

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