What are the Rotating Shadow Blades?

Icarax is stated to have Rotating Shadow Blades and a shield in the Makuta’s Guide. Now, in the set he has a dualblade and a sawblade.
It has been assumed previously that the sawblade is the Rotating Shadow Blades because, well, the spin/rotate and Tahu’s Rotating Fire Blades is very similar.
On the other hand, he is referred to as having a shield, the sword doesn’t make much of a shield, and, Brutaka’s weapon, which is similar to Icarax’s sword, is called the Rotating Blades due to how Brutaka uses them. On the other hand it could just be that it’s a shield with the Rotating Shadow Blades on them…
Yeah, working of pure assumption is very inconclusive on the matter, so, what say you?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the Makuta’s Giide is the only book that references Icarax’s use of a shield. All other media referred to him having the Rotating Blades and a Twin Sword, IIRC. The shield reference might just be a fluke.

I believe BS01 states him to have twin swords but, I don’t think they’ve been mentioned in any media, but if you could check, that’d be good…

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BS01 does state that (I actually checked it before I posted), and it also doesn’t mention a shield, so I’m assuming that it is probably just a typo. Of course, Greg has confirmed that most Makuta used various tools depending on their scenario, rather than just one set on a constant basis, so Icarax probably did use a shield on various occasions.

The set description on the BIONICLE website did also state him to have Rotating Blades and a shield, which supports that it is refering to the tools present in the set…

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"Icarax’s multi-bladed sword began to rotate faster and faster, as he said, “Too bad. Gorast, that the same can’t be said of you.” "
From the BL11, it sounds like Icarax rotates his Swords before battle. Another reason why the sword is the Rotating Swords/Blades