What are you listening to now?


I've been looking around YT for good "Brass Goggles" covers

Most results have been lackluster, but this one's the best thus far.

Is gud

It may no be music but it is about music.

IDK what the Cat Empire fandom is like

But a part of me has this suspicion that I'm the only guy who really really likes the Cinema album

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I'm currently listening to the calm, rhythmic sound of my breathing, complemented by the slow and deep huffing of my house's boiler through the heating vents

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" Ridin' " by Chamillionare

I recently discovered Breaking Benjamin on YouTube... I also listen to Nirvana (because, you know). But probably my favorite artist would have to be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds...

Sorry about 1:58 to 2:17. :smile:

I think I have a new favorite song ever...

I've also been listening to Red Vox, though posting an entire album feels a touch overkill.

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I'm listening to Rock it by the Gorillaz. I can't post the video here, however, as I don't think it's appropriate for the boards.

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in Japan

they have this, instead of Elite Beat Agents

mah boi CZ showed this to me

I kinda really rather like it.

's groovy

Listening to this because the singer who made this Kouji Wada recently passed away may he rest in piece.

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"Did You Hear the Rain" by George Ezra.

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