What are you panicking about right now?

My GT project due march 10th and that is worth 3 test grades.

Really ineffective teachers, plus a test on Wednesday which we got a good deal of the notes for today. From said ineffective teacher. :rage: :rage:


Update on this.

I found my AS.

The fact that I have nothing to panic about and therefore cannot relate to any of you.

Seriously, just a science project where I have to make a diorama based off a certain biome. I've started the diorama and no nothing about biome.

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Much to the surprise of some I’m sure, there is nothing I am panicking about.

dead topics are dead Mr. Ghid, stop reviving them pointlessly

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The fact that my free house didn’t come with rugs

Ever present existential dread of being unsure if anything I do in life not only leaves an impact on the world, but if I even have the ability to change an outcome by doing something, and whether doing such would make things better or worse.

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Not having any close friends with common interests and how this will continue to push me into a depressed state.

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Are you trying to address that issue at all?? :open_mouth:

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Not really sure how to. My conversation skills leave much to be desired and my self confidence is pretty low.

My best friend doesn’t even really share the same interests but we have the same sense of humor.

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Where or not I’m getting ghosted.

I busted my exhaust driving through an approximately foot deep puddle in a nearly zero visibility thunderstorm on my way home from work today (never saw it coming). Not sure how bad the damage is and I am sick thinking about how much it may cost to fix.

Update: Problem was given a (possibly temporary) fix by welding it back together rather than replacing it.

That I won’t have enough orange slices at my hootenanny

I’m moving tomorrow

If I have one or two graham crackers left in the box, I think one, but I really hope there’s two. Because that’s my only box of graham crackers.

Return flights by yourself are scary

Is Isaac going to make it into Smash?

Will that even save the Golden Sun franchise like so many are hoping if he does?

not as bad as my last one, but it’s still making me a little panicky

I’d love for Isaac to be in Smash. Mainly due to his SSF2 moveset which is pretty fun

It fits Smash’s roster pretty well.

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I am panicking about my first photo project…
I need a cf card reader before this wednesday!
other than that, life’s great.

The fact that most metal Master Sword Replicas are going out of stock.