What Are Your Catchphrases?

Don't ask.


My catchphrases are many, but I'm especially fond of saying "seems legit".

"Okay" - me after someone says literally anything

"I'm an idiot"
"So...." (Before something else)
"Well..." (Before Something else)
"Plan for the worst, and hope for the best, and neither way you'll be disappointed." (I may have stolen that one from Ranger's Apprentice, but I do use it quite a bit.)
"Oh, come on!"
"Shh, I'm introverting."
"What's up?"
"If I only had some duct tape..."
"Squared away"
"Lock it up!"
"Let's roll."
"Oh, I should write that down!" (writer problems, am I write? :wink:)
"Excuse me, (Insert name/title)..." (Before something)
"Heads up!"
"Ugh... I did not sleep much last night." (It's bad when that's a catch phrase...)
"Have a good day!"


"hanging the noose now"


my friends have got this one

along with

"I'm going to home depot to get a stronger rope"


"get rekt, mate"

"Some people are into that."


In response to "Fight me:" "Get a lawyer."

Okaydokeydaythen (in response to a suggestion)

My friends is kill yourself, and my favorite is shut up. Take your lumps...

How unfortunate.
Son of a (word varies based on present company)

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I like your avatar, sorry about being off topic, but Juane is my favorite RWBY character

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I have one that annoys my worst enemy.

I hold the :ok_hand: up to my eye, and then-




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"well, that happened."

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"I agree." (Typically in response to whatever strange or funny noise someone makes)

"Well, color me interested."


“Butternut squash? Yes please!”

"It's fine. It's totally fine. It's fine."