What are your favorite categories?

List you favorite categories from favorite to least favorite. Mine are Lego Creations, HSH, and then Artwork.


My favorite catagories are Off Topic, Community, Games n’ Such, and LEGO Creations.


Community, Lego creations, and HSH.

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Role-playing, HSH, and off topic

Lego creations, off topic and community

Roleplaying, Artwork, LEGO Creations. And HSH was cool for the week I was there.

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moved to the Off Topic Categories -square

Alot of user here pretty much share the same opinion here, including myself.
Few I don’t favor is Exclusives! from the lack of content posted since roughly 2 years ago and HSH from a previous response somewhere…

HSH because it’s a nice way to connect

RPing because I met loads of people people on there

And then Artwork because art is lit

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Oddly enough, none of them are the Lego related ones. I enjoy the off topic and normal creative content (IE Not mocs) as well as most of the entertainment section.

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Artwork, off topic, and role playing probably.