What are your favorite socks?

I would say those socks that are higher than ankle socks, but lower than shin socks. In a nice, medium gray

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I am not bound by such limitations as you mortal.

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These drive all the girls crazy.

In all seriousness, even though I'm a man boy, I wear socks that go up to my knees. It just feels so comfy. :relieved:


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I couldn't wear any one pair of my socks forever, because all of them are the same type and they tend to hurt after too long.

I need new socks...

Is there something that looks like socks, but isn't actually socks?

So like fake socks

If so

I would wear a pair of those to go with my fake muscles



Only the best form of sock. Worn only on the place socks were meant for.


Socks spun from the fabric of time and space

Hold on- that would just mean any socks. Huh.


For me it would have to be the ankle high socks I wear when I run

Pretty much me.


Those socks are a-MAZ-ing!
I have been waiting for an opportunity to say that.

Eh, I'm not picky when it comes to socks, so I just wear normal white socks, but if I could have any kind I wanted, I would want red socks. Red's no longer my favorite color, but there's just something appealing about red socks.


The ones that go well with my sandals.

(not my legs, just an example)

You all have very good sock taste, I am content with this online interaction.

Why is it not?


I got me some new socks.

They are heavenly...


We have some great wool socks, they can be really warm, or really cool...

they are awesome.

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I would wear red socks with my icon on it and Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.

Edit from three years in the future: Wut...?

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My fuzzy pink/white Hello Kitty Brand (tm) socks

Sounds very hot topic m8