What are your favourite and least favourite art mediums?

So, which one is it?

I really like the humble mechanical pencil, in all its simplicity and notneedingtosharpenit-ness (I usually use a B lead, but I’m out of them so, HB it is). Digital art is cool and I want to get better at it. As for paper, I like smooth and THICC, white paper.

I dislike tempera and acrylic aaaand watercolor aaaaaand paint in general (mainly because I can’t use them and when I try I make an incredible mess and it gets all over me), I’m fine with spray paint.


I also prefer heavier weight and lighter grain paper, and I do a lot of ink work (most of my art are fantasy maps). I usually sketch in pencil with 2H or 4H lead, and then use Micron pens for inking.

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For pencils and micron pens lighter paper should be fine, but the weight of the paper makes everything feel more, let’s say premium.

I have to practice a lot my inking and linework because my hand is super shaky. That’s also why I like smaller size paper because, already doing a straight line is hard and doing a not-super wobbly AND long line is just not fun at all

yeah, but I draw on pretty large paper and it helps when I want to be able to move it around.

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I like sketches and oil paintings. I love to make fun of abstract.


as in ridicule? Or draw it?

As in ridicule.


I generally try to avoid mocking things other people worked on :confused:

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Credit where credit is due, and discredit where discredit is due. I’m not going to sit there and pretend I think it’s good.


There is a marked difference between critique and making fun of something. People like receiving critique because it helps them improve. No one likes being made fun of, and no one likes having something they actually worked on be made fun of. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it “discredits” it, especially with something as subjective as art.


Art being subjective is exactly why I can make fun of it. In my opinion, abstract art is ten steps below a typical painting. I’m not saying it can’t look nice on a wall, but it doesn’t compare.


I don’t see the correlation. Something being subjective means you’re fine to disagree with or not like it. Making fun of it is just being cruel.

First hings first, I want to say that we are getting off topic.

Second thing, making fun of stuff you don’t understand is wrong, you can express your point of view without laughing about the thing you are discussing, but not make fun of who made it.

Third thing: how can you say it’s a level below “regular” art, it’s like comparing sculpture and drawing, they are two different things

Personally, I’m not a big fan of abstract and modern art, because it can become more about the philosophy than the art itself, and I can’t always understand it. Abstract art can comunicate feelings, but, I personally don’t get it.
It can look cool sometimes tho.


Something being subjective means there’s no wrong opinion. If something is subjective, then my opinion could be anything, and it’s technically correct.


That’s kind of my point. While I don’t think this discussion is really off topic, I’d rather it stop.


favorite: sculpture, ink pen, pencil, watercolor

least favorite: oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal

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What does having an opinion have to do with making fun of something?


There is a difference:

Opinion: I don’t personally like it

Making fun of: yooooooo this art suuuucks.! Pfffft I could make it in five minutes

I will destroy Video Games as an art medium.



I mean

You release art, you are prepared to have people like, hate, critique, praise, ridicule, laugh at, spit upon, verbally disembowel, and potentially entirely ignore both you and your work. If that’s too much, don’t show off your art.

The opinion that something is laughable.

I refer to my original point and ask that you stop putting Krelikan on blast for laughing at something in a medium where that is entirely expected.

Favorite: Sculpture, Least Favorite: Video Games that think they are art and are therefore above the critique as being video games (looking at you, kojima)


I think we all know the best form of art…

Anyway I really like digital art.