What are your favourite singers?

The title says it all. This is a topic where you can name your favourite singers. They don’t need to be extremely popular. Hell! They don’t even need to be known internationally! The only thing that matters is that you like them.
Now, in my case, I am basically divided between male and female singers.
When it comes of male singers, I am a big fan of Miki (from Spain), of Måns Zelmerlöw (from Sweeden), or Mikolas Josef (from Czechia) and of Chingiz (from Azerbaijan).
I also like a lot of other singers, like Duncan Lawrance and Jurij Veklenko. They are my runner ups.
However, my two favourite male singers have to be Alexander Rybak from Norway and Sergey Lazarev from Russia. These two are my favourite songs made by them. They should pretty much make you understand why I like them so much.

When it comes of male singers, I don’t have as many favourites, but I always find myself returning to Ester Peony (from Romania), to Katerine Duska (from Greece), to Tamta and to Eleni Foureira (both from Cyprus).
However, my favourite female singer would have to be Srbuk from Armenia. I discovered her music recently, and I instantly fell in love with it.

I just realised how diverse and big my list is. Meh this isn’t even the complete list.
Anyway, these were some of my favourites. What are yours?

Ella Fitzgerald, Luis Armstrong and Johnny Cash are some of the best artists that come to mind. Some newer singers are Jökull Júlíusson of Kaleo and Joseph William Morgan. I’d also say the lead signer of Black Math but no matter how much I research them I can’t figure out who their lead signer is.

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Brendan Urie has a good voice but his music sucks. Jack White is a favorite of mine, Robert Plant, Johnny Cash (probably my all time favorite voice), Bruce Springsteen, Bob seger, and George Thorogood are probably my favorites


Mike Patton has an impressive vocal range in styles and octaves.

I’m really impressed with Yanagi Nagi’s range, as well. The word around the block says that her vocals in this track are autotuned, but it’s so clean I can’t notice it at all. That being said, I can’t remember any other song where she sang in this high of a pitch.

I have no idea why you wanted to include him. It’s like saying that Barbie is your favourite Bionicle set.


Johnny Cash, Kenny Loggins, and Tab Benoit are some of my favorite singers.

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Brandon Flowers

Currently, it’s Bret Autrey (Blue Stahli), Jonny Hawkins (Nothing More), and Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage).

Cryroshel and The Fold are my favourite music bands.

He mistly came into my mind for his collabs with different other singers.
And no, that analogy is not that relevant.

I think the comparison is understandable here. Barbie and Bionicle are both toy lines, and Darude works in the music industry. They’re equally distant from one another. Darude is not a singer and Barbie is not a Lego product.

Providing an instrumental track, Sandstorm, as the example for good signing got me all confused, as well. If you think that he has worked with singers who you like, please share those. This track isn’t displaying anyone’s singing ability.

@Tab Yeah sorry, I posted Sandstorm because that is his most recognisable song.
Yes, he worked with numerous active singers. The only one that comes on the top of my head right now is Sebastian Rejman, tho I heard of others too.
Edit: Tho if you consider it that off topic then I will remove him. He is not known for his actual songs, rather for his soundtracks.

Small update on my side! I think Duncan Lawrance just became my favourite.

This is a masterpiece.
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Hrm… I like a lot of singers, but if I had to choose, James Taylor.

He’s got such a smooth, calm, tenor voice.

I really like Freddie Mercury.

Get out of here you sick foreigner.

Jon Bon Jovi is up there, but I’ve also recently really liked the stuff by the French singer Indila.

Another really good one is the YouTube singer Annapantsu.

On a steeeeel horse I riiiide
I’m wanted…
Dead or alive…
guitar sounds

He is a good singer.

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Adding to this Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin), Spencer Sotelo (Periphery), and most recently Darroh Sudderth (Fair to Midland).

Probably not Howard Jones anymore, though I still respect his vocal ability.

Brandon Flowers

Curt cobain and Johnny cash hold my favorite singer spots

Doctor Teeth

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