What did you do when you saw the video about Bionicle coming back?

I started dancing.


I thought to myself a few things:

  1. My wallet is now going to be starving to death.

  2. What are they going to do with the previous canon?

  3. Now my childhood is coming back…


I was happy.

What? You expected more?

Cried at my failure.

I started saving up my money that I was saving for a new screen recorder.


Started telling everyone I know (including those who don’t know what Bionicle is)


I yelled YES!!! Because I had already seen the first image, and I proceeded to cheer and shout in excitement off and on for about 20 minutes, all while smiling the whole time.

I don’t know what would make me happier, this or hearing Tool’s new album is FINALLY done. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably the Tool Album since that’s taking forever and a day. Longer than Bionicle’s been gone even. haha. This made me pretty dang happy though.

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I woke up that morning, grabbing my phone to turn the alarm off. I decided to check my YouTube feed, so I scrolled down until I saw the thumbnail of the video. Heart pounding, I watched the video and I definitely was not disappointed. Thank you Lego, I can become a 7 year old again.

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What happened when we made the video? Well, we looked at the reactions with a huge smile on our face.

What happened when we saw the picture? We proceeded to scream, yell, spam other people to get into a call so we could record a video. :stuck_out_tongue:



I just sat there, staring at my iPod screen as I listened to Var’s voice enter my mind. I think I went into a form of shock.

Then I thought to myself, I must seek employment to afford the entire first year.

That’s not done yet is it? 'Cus that would be crazy exciting if it was and I just didn’t hear about it for some reason.

and well, when I heard the news I shouted with joy, hopped onto skype and recorded a video with everyone else at TTV XD

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I cried. ._.

The Tool album? No its not. :frowning: They released an article on Rolling Stone about why its taking so long. Tl;DR, lawsuit, big complications, sucks, can’t focus on writing amazing music, taking longer than even their usual cycle.

Getting back on topic. I did that to. Except the part where I hopped on Skype and recorded a video with the TTV crew because I’m not a cast member. * Sad Rahi with big sad eyes sitting outside of window looking in while its snowing outside and sad violin music plays * Maybe…some day I will know the warmth, and papa will finally be proud of me. :’( * more sad violin *

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Your supposed be more careful with the language because of younger audiences. Consider the Rules.

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I was thinking wow it be a coming. Told my brother, at first he wasnt convinced until the colored pics came out. Then later on I thought oh no how am I going to be able to afford these. But if I could only buy one I would buy the new Tahu. Which excites me the most! Go OmegaTahu!

When I saw the video I was like, “Oh, yeah I remember when they had the Skype call but I couldn’t be on for it,” and that was about it because I already saw the picture(s) and I was pretty neutral about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went on the Bionicle subreddit. Then I watched the video. Then I looked at the picture and thought up ideas.

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I just sat there for a while…Then I started to scream and jump up and down like a little girl.

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Sry, I forgot about that. Thanks!