What Did You MOC When You Were Younger?

When you where younger what did you MOC?
Do you still MOC the same things?
Or have you began branching out into new "genres" of MOCing?
Are you still able to build in the "genre" you MOC'd when you where younger?
Or have you forgotten how?

For example, when I was younger I mainly built Starwars themed spaceships, but as I began building more and more Transformers I stopped. I then began building with I've constraction again so I practically never built spaceships anymore.

I've recently tried making spaceships again but I just couldn't do it, I'd forgotten how...
Luckily it seems I haven't forgotten it completely because I was finally able to once again build a spaceship smile


kinda only with system and then not in color

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I took the arm off one set and stuck it on another.


I took my Rahkshi, pulled its head off, and left the tan pin that was attached to the torso there and called it a person.


I stuck a pin in a 2003 matoran lower torso, I reused it multiple time because I can't reverse the process. sob

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i would switch up the heads of sets alot, as well as make things with lots of arms
@legomaster1378 i know you like changing titles

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my first bionicle moc was 2 kinas that i taped together yup 2009 was my first bionicle year


Remind me to explore the depths of images of my childhood tomorrow

I'll see what there is


I have a story...

Over 10 years ago, a neighbor down the street gave my family a bunch of Lego parts from various themes. Me and my brother made all sorts of things from these. And now these bricks are in my closet. Would you like some?


The first moc I ever made was a combiner of takanuva stars with voltix. It was a hot mess. After that I made a purple takanuva which I thought was pretty cool. After I got more pieces I made a horrible toa team. Those guys stayed together while and are some of my fondest memories that has to do with lego.

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I did a little bit, mostly with system. Maybe a few bionicles. They were all the Inika build though.

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I used to only make Toa teams using the generic inika build (since I only got sets from 2006 onwards).

In order to fill the hole in my heart I attempted to recreate the original iconic characters like the Bohrok and Makuta using Modded Inika builds and technic, with the aid of online instructions.

And I surprisingly succeeded, making a Bohrok with Carapar's chest plate as a faceplate and it had function where it shot a squid from the faceplate. smile


Me and my old friend made a little "world" that combined Avatar, Bionicle, and Power Rangers, and we made a bunch of mocs to use in this game. Now I'm getting nostalgia.


i made stuff mainly from inika build

i dont have a lot of pictures atm but here's a flavor from 2008:


Back in the day I used to make all kinds of Bionicle mocs, but most notably I made new versions of the Toa Mahri.

In my story, Hahli, Jaller, and Nuparu were bitten by shadow leeches and transformed into "Toa Trida." Meanwhile, Kongu and Hewkii were given adaptive armor so that they could take on the rest of the team. Eventually, Matoro was revived by the Ignika to help with the dire situation as well.

Here's a link to some pics of the whole "team": http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=324713

I also had a few other reoccuring mocs when I was younger including my "self moc;" Toa Dartho, a Toa of sonics named Filos, a Toa of "crystals" named Selia, the Makuta from '08, Arzzanhi(the fallback villain with obscure and undocumented powers), and Atequ(the similarly ambiguous guardian of light).
For some reason Arzzanhi took the form of a Tohunga at one point.

Yes, that Miru has teeth.


That's actually not half bad. It has a consistent colour scheme, good armor coverage, and a creative idea that was well executed better than some of my Mocs

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My childhood pretty much consisted of me keeping my good, old sets together and played with those official sets with other official sets. So basically, no MOCs from this guy.


I find that hard to believe

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In my Ten years of collecting, the most I've lost piece wise was when I lent my brother a few sets.

Also, I've just grown out of my "Build Everything Right, It must be Built the Way the Instructions Say" Stage of my life, which passed through my entire childhood. wink


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