What Did You MOC When You Were Younger?

Oh yes. One of my best friends makes some phenomenal bases.

I’m just glad that it’s gone from stuff like this:

To stuff like this:


holy crap iremember that stopmotion
i swear little me bought like a 1000 clone trooper battle packs for onl 9.99
those were the days.
but now battle packs are so much…
man i wish i could buy them more


Clones are also a lot more detailed.

You mean this one?

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i also remember one with the old 2006 clones

eh i wish they weren’t

It’s probably another of pizzamovies’. I recommend going through his channel. Fair warning, you’ll probably get an unhealthily-high dose of nostalgia. :wink:

To each his own. :slight_smile:

it is

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Circa 2011 I think. I should try and find some older ones.

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I just built whatever. Most of the time I was pretty good about color, but the builds were terrible.

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i built houses and spaceships… as well as star wars and ccbs.

without good color schemes, mind you.

The oldest MOC that I remember was an Inika build guy with Kopaka’s 01 mask. He was completely white, wielded Nuju’s icepick, and was so buff that he could barely move!

I creatively named him Kopakix (My older brothers had previously made MOCS called Pohatix and Kongalex)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures.

weird system houses.

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Not color coordinated inika builds with unholy long arms.


Since I had mostly G2 parts mine were not color coordinated protector builds with unholy long arms.

I just finished up a revamp of my first moc.
I’ll post pictures later