What disturbs you?

hard to say what does.

but I sure as heck know that descriptions of gore don’t. ( I get a lot of anti-vaping/smoking/tobacco ads)

What’s weird is that I’m actually against all those things.

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I think most teens do


Oh, didn’t think about that.

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I would assume those ads target teens at least



Google it if you want, but don’t blame me when you’re disturbed :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that even a phobia? I feel like that’s just generally creepy to everyone.

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I have mild


what, I don’t understand what’s disturbing about this. Explain.

you my friend, are wrong.

Moldy food gives me the heebie jeebies.

idk man I just hate it

The thought of the universe. Does the world end at a stopping point, or does it keep going and going, never stopping. And if there is a stopping point, what would stop you from crossing it. All of this makes my existance feel worthless. I mean who cares if some random person dies, in the grand scheme of the universe, nobody’s life matters.

you, my friend are not worthless, your life matters.



More specifically, fursuits. Yes, really. I believe its the same reason so many people are afraid of clowns. The fact that you can’t see their real face triggers an uncanny valley effect. Even extends to school mascots. Saw one walking down the hall and I immediately turned around. (Though oddly enough, I’m fine with clowns.)

Also used to be afraid of the possibility of telepaths. Now, obviously, I didn’t actually believe there are people with mind powers among us, but the primal part of my brain was disturbed by the concept of having my private thoughts invaded.

Oh, and Jupiter. That planet freaks me out, man. It’s the only one that has its own Eye of Sauron starring back.


good to know I’m not alone.

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Yep. I know it’s a community like any other but I can’t get over that small minority of them. I know that it’s not true of them all but furies are just creepy.

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Nononono you’ve got it all wrong

that is the eye of Sauron and he’s planning on adopting the Eiffel tower as his new Barad Dur