What do Matorans eat?

This question just popped in my mind: What do matorans eat? Or what do they use as a source of energy?

Do they even eat?!

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I think they eat regular food, like fish and bread and stuff.

I’m pretty sure Greg Farshtey said they absorb the energy out of their food.


They eat other Matoran, obviously. After all, they have a tribal society, and all tribal societies are cannibalistic.

Actually, they just eat fruits, fish, bread, stuff like that.



Interesting enough, they need to take their masks off before eating :joy:

“Matoran have the ability to eat by coming into physical contact with an energy-bearing object such as a fruit, berry, or fish.” - BionicleSector01


I wonder what that would look like.

If Takua thought “Hey. I’m hungry.” And grabbed a banana, would the banana just vanish in some sort of dull flash, or would it liquify and be directly absorbed into the matoran?

And where does the line for “energy-bearing object” begin and end? Could a matoran get a quick snack by leaning against a tree? Could one matoran accidentally consume another with a hug?

Do they have to use their hands or can it be any part of their body? What’s keeping them from consuming the energy from the very grass they walk on?

And could you imagine how terrifying this would be to outside species like the Agori? Sure freakishly tall warriors of destiny and rolling robo bugs powered by mind controlling flesh masks are weird. But the matoran, the most common residents of the Matoran Universe just casually have the ability to suck the life out of whatever they touch.


It’s a similar process to our eating, I believe.

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