What do those affected by the Vahi see of those not?

Probably a simple question but one which I want to ask nonetheless: when one is using the power/s of the Vahi–that is, speeding up or slowing down time while the user is not affected–what would those who aren’t using the mask see if they were to look at the wearer?

Say for example someone is using the Vahi to slow down time for a group of people, so they are able to move at their regular speed whilst said group is moving slowly. Would those moving slowly due to the mask’s powers, see the person wearing it as moving extremely fast due to the relativity of time? Or maybe for a better example, as the Bohrok-Kal were about to free the Bahrag and got slowed down almost to a halt by Tahu, would they have observed the Toa Nuva as moving at extremely high speeds?

And vice-versa, should the user decide to speed up time for a group of people, would that group of people observe the world as moving really slowly?