What do you expect in the new BIONICLE?

What I expect in the new BIONICLE are that what would the fricken story be then? I mean I think that the story would be a very important for the line (no 4 realz) I mean what would the BIONICLE story about? Any speculation?

From what the sets look like, it’s probably a continuation. I pointed one thing out in the comments: Lewa was stuck on Bota Magna at the end of the series. Now, we have him as a Master of Jungle. That points to a direct continuation. Thing is, if they do that then younger kids are missing out on ten years of lore.

I expect Delta Kopaka to be glorious.

I want to know more about the Defenders, actually. They seem like they have the most interesting builds, although I will definitely try to get ahold of Tahu, Lewa, and Gali if I can.

I’m thinking that the Defenders will be proto-Toa or something, and they’ll team up with the Toa to defeat the spiders, who are controlled by a being long thought dead

I think Makuta’s influence will be heavy with the new threat

I don’t know what to expect yet, but I hope it’s not kiddie. Seeing what has been coming out of Lego lately, this might be a posibility, but I hope it doesn’t happen. The atmosphere is what made Bionicle so great, and if they take that away, they’ll lose me.

I want a dark story for the older audience unlike HF.


What I expect and what I hope for are two very different things.

I, unfortunately, expect BIONICLE to be slightly watered down in comparison to its initial run. The changing of some terminology here and there, the tone of the story being altered a little bit… it’ll probably anger some people. The fact that it is likely going to have a TV show will already show you that its tone will be altered in order to accomodate that, because it will probably be a Cartoon Network show. That being said, I do think it could still be good. It just won’t be what a lot of people are hoping for. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’d LIKE for it to be, obviously is a theme that features the same caliber of storytelling as the original, simply with new forms of media to present that storyline through. Time shall tell if that is a realistic hope.



I expect Vamprah. Vamprah everywhere.

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Im hoping they will make movies like they did before