What do you guys think of Bionicle Masks of Power?

I saw this game and for a fan game it seemed really good, I was wondering if any of you had anything to say about. I’ve been really excited about this and saw that the demo for would be coming out early 2024.
But aside from a few trailers you cant find much on it.

Though its just nice to see something new for bionicle, especially for me having been born the year of bionicles first cancellation.


I think it looks promising, though I doubt that a final product will be available soon. Hopefully it’ll be optimized for computers like my own, which doesn’t support extremely high graphics.

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If you want to get a feel for how this might turn out, play masks of power legacy. It was their first attempt at creating the game. could kinda view it as a prototype. A bit rough but still fun. has some neat ideas. I recommend starting with Kopaka. The trailer footage does seem quite a bit better already


I was skeptical, but considering as there’s been progress as of 810 day… I do think it’ll eventually get a release.

As to whether it’s anything more than an extended demo, I have no idea.

Usually these fan projects die out. And I’m not just talking about Bionicle. Look at the countless KOTOR remakes/ reimaginings that fail to get out (funny how the official licensed remake fails to get off the ground too, but KOTOR’s graphics are fine as they are.)


Yes, I’m going to have to get a better computer soon, right now I can’t even download legacy, and with the game play I’ve seen so far seems like I’ll need a pretty decent computer.