What Do You Really Look Like?

Second best G2 set, hands down.

@ProfSrlojohn I don’t know how, but you look close to exactly how I imagined you.

Probably because I succinctly described my self in the Salvation OOC.

Did not read that.

Okay. Good guess then?

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Posted on this thread ages ago on my old account thought I would share a more recent photo (Sorry in advance for the ugly lmao)


(INB4 Necropost Reeee)
So for a spot of fun I decided to see exactly what photos of myself I posted to this thread, and actually gagged. I made the mistake of showing y’all photos from when I had the same confidence as know, but the looks and photography skills of a potato. I sincerely apologize here’s an up to date spectacular photo of me


wow that is an up to date spectacular photo of you

although what in blazes is that glass you are holding

You look like a slightly older me and I’m scared

Ah I see this is often confusing, that is called water

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That is excellent that you are not attempting to drink air or hand sanitizer, good health management which I should have followed some time ago

However I was referring to the container which holds said water or air or hand sanitizer, the material of which is commonly referred to as glass, and why it looks so wacky

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Idk man, it’s just a regular drinking glass, must just be a trick of the light

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this is me


is that a dab?? that’s CRINGE!!!


Nice dab

whats tat supposed to mean huh?

Might as well


big hairr

Definately me:

Jokes aside I’m the handsome boyo in this pic:


Nice suit.

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