What do you think about the toa nuva´s relationship?

For exemple:
Onua and Lewa: i don´t remember they talking to each other, and what they talk about?

Onua and Lewa didn't talk much in the books post-Toa Nuva, but before that Onua was the one who saved Lewa from both the Krana and the infected mask. I think they consider each other very good friends, much as Kopaka and Pohatu do.

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The real thing we should be wondering about is... Tahu and Gali.

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Ummm.... No.


Or lewa and pohatu; kopaka and onua...


One thing I enjoyed was watching Tahu slowly warm up to everyone else; working out his trust issues with Lewa, finding some kinship with Kopaka, and slowly losing his sarcasm toward Gail.

It seems to me like he never had a problem with Onua or Pohatu, though. Maybe because Onua was so quiet and Pohatu was just a nice guy,


no they are brother and sister don't start this

They're not like biological siblings or anything. "Brother" and "sister" are just respectful titles and such.

Yes, they are. That rule only applies to the 90% of Toa who were once Matoran. The Toa Nuva were all created together, and are essentially the closest you can get to siblings in the BIONICLE universe.


Of all the Toa Nuva, I consider Lewa and Gali act the most like siblings. They actually remind me of the greek twins Artemis and Apollo. But which one is do you think acts like the elder or the younger sibling.


Kopaka as the elder maybe