What do you want to see in the TTV?

(Hey that title rhymes! :stuck_out_tongue:)

I'm sure that everyone on the Message Boards is hear because they love watching the TTV, right?
I'm also sure that viewers want to see more out of the TTV.

This is the topic to see what others want out of the TTV, ways to make the TTV better, and your idea of how to make the TTV better.
If you agree with any of my personal thoughts, please respond with that corresponding number.

1) Let's Plays
I know from asking the TTV before that Let's plays apparently don't do well on their channel or might not be LEGO enough. Why then, apparently, everything that has some connection with LEGO, seem to "fail?" Biocraft, On Air, and the RPG all had something to do with Lego, and, sadly, they all "died out." I'm not sure if the problem is not enough time, or too much work, etc., but I've seen other youtubers get popular/survive by just doing let's plays (Ex:TheDiamondMinecart). I'm not asking for the ditching of LEGO related content here, I'm just asking for maybe once a week, you guys playing a game (that is not exclusive to vessel, so that you gain new popularity for fans of that game) so you can see if it works, or maybe even attract a new medium of followers.

2) More Game Nights (on YouTube...?)
I, myself have never actually participated in a TTV game night (I never knew about it or didn't have the right gaming platform), but I feel it would benefit followers of the TTV (like me who don't have the gaming platform/game) and might attract new people as well. (I mean come on! The only game night the TTV has is when @IllustriousVar plays Five Nights at Freddy's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w2LqtdN8_s )

3) More videos in General
I know the TTV wants to keep the number of videos small, so people don't get bombarded with new content, but I feel as 10 minute videos are not enough to satisfy most people (including myself). 30 min. to 1 hr. videos are good, but the point of a video is to have someone actually watch them! I believe that's what DON"T FIGHT was trying to accomplish, but it "died" too! to be honest, not a lot of people, in my opinion at least, care to watch someone's opinion for 1hour, let alone 10 minutes. (specifically I'm taking about the MOC spotlight and TTV talks). I'm not saying to get rid of any video series, just to make more (this ties in to the Let's plays).

4) More animated videos
I don't car whether its stopmotion or the real animation @Xeros610 did for the TTV, but I want to see more of it! I've seen more animated videos from "one" person (ex: slamacow https://www.youtube.com/user/SlamacowCreations ) than I see form the TTV, and they've got at least seven people on their team, plus a whole community of people who would be glad to help them out (ex: @Xeros610

I think that's it for now (unless I come up with more ideas :stuck_out_tongue: )
But, please don't let me type all this for nothing!
What are you, the Message Boards and/or TTV Crew thinking about this?


I'd actually like a series that doesn't have to be Bionicle related, or game related. But since I can't think of an example, I won't ask for one. :wink:


Let's plays seem cool, but I personally would love an animated series (cough on air cough)

No vessel exclusives.

You know what i'd like?, Bionicle lore series, that's what.


Lore videos would be awesome! G1 and G2, but I guess TTV would start with G1 because there is a lot more to cover and it's readily available.

More Eljay and Mesonak shenanigans. Also more reaching out to distant fans. Perhaps a Kik group?

TTV Talks.


I would love to see another Let's Play with Meso and Eljay. I understand that Meso wants a break from doing that, but if he ever did it again, I would definitely watch it all the way through.
@JonBlueFire don't be hating on the MoC spotlight now XD!!!

This. I understand that there isn't much to talk about sometimes, but my favorite TTV shows happen to be Autopsy and Book Club for their discussion of the Bionicle story(both from a lore and technical perspective).

It's unfortunate that they seem to be on indefinite hiatus, especially regarding the latter(given how much there was to discuss in RoSS).


Now you do realize TTV has a lot on their plates right now, right? I am not going to type out a list of stuff I typed in another topic, but let's just say there is unfinished series, postponed series, and the podcast members have stuff to do in real life. Expecting more right now is like asking ElJay to take off his mask...It ain't happenin.

What I want to see is the continuation of the podcast and the Recap reviews. It's what I subscribed for. And these are two things I know TTV always has time for.


Most of the series brought up are no longer in the works. And the ones that are are postponed to maybe be done far from now. Like you said only two are regular and reliable that most people know about, although others are still going(ttv talks and the undertale lp). But I think some fans would want to see more.
I get why there's been a dip in content recently, ttv has other jobs that take a lot of time making it hard to do videos even as often as they do.

Personally I'd like to see a weekly MB coolest post that just highlights their favorites of that week. I think that would make the MB more active as more people would try to get on the list and be entertaining.


...oh. I should have thought of that. But I mean another series, not podcast related either

I want more Vessel exclusive content so I can brag more to all the people who don't subscribe to Vessel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I understand your point, but they don't even finish what they start; a prime example would be DON'T FIGHT, I figured it would have both the talking/info and the action/video game, but then it "died." In my opinion, they should try to replace it with something.

My point exactly! The TTV don't finish what they start.
The weekly MB video sounds like a great idea!

Same here!

What's a Kik group?

I agree. The TTV should at least post one video discussing the latest book (it doesnt even have to be that long)

Thank you all for looking/replying with your thoughts/liking! I will continue to respond to people's thoughts with my opinion, when I get the chance. :grinning:

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Kik is a messaging app. Free to use. You're able to private message other Kik users, or create groups to chat with multiple people at once (up to 50)

It wouldn't be hard to make a public access Kik group, have 5-10 admin, and have open discuasions. We can even invite distant bionicle fans to join as well, increasing knowledge about TTV.

Thank you for the clarification! (I really don't use social media that much)

It sounds like a pretty cool idea; to me though, it (kik) would be more for introducing new people to TTV, and maybe small chats. For bigger chats, I feel as though people should/might use the message boards. It's a nice concept, but I think some people (such as myself) would be bad at it. You would be perfect, though!

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id like to see eljays face /s

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Me too :smile:
(but I think it would ruin the fun (ex: the April fools jokes))

TTV has A LOT on their plates right now. The beginning of any new series would almost certainly mean the cancellation of another one, and right now I'm pretty comfortable with the way things are scheduled. Podcasts Monday, Recaps Tuesday, MoC Spotlight Wednesday, nothing Thursday (it's a day to re-listen to the podcast IMO), Friday or Saturday are TTV Talks days, and sometimes there's a Top Ten. Nothing on Sunday. I like things just the way they are, and keeping in mind that TTV's cast and crew have lives outside of the podcast, I'm perfectly fine with the empty days. I prefer quality over quantity, and I'd rather have nicely edited videos than two videos a day.
So, in short, I just want to see TTV continue to do their best to complete their quota. I don't want them to throw away their social lives and careers in lieu of a youtube channel.